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Everything once a year welcomes the moment of spring to warm. Spring is the beginning of a year and marriage is the official beginning of a new life with couples of each person. The wedding is considered an important milestone marking that big event. However, to have a decorative wedding party where you and your half have memorable golden moments is not a simple thing. Continental Saigon Hotel has understood and appreciated those sentiments, so it has been devoted a lot of enthusiasm in organizing weddings for couples.
Coming to Continental Saigon, you will experience a high-end wedding model. Perhaps, the ancient beauty of the hotel is a great highlight, making the wedding at Continental Saigon impressive and unique. The elegance is integrated with the ancient features of the hotel will make the wedding space extremely romantic. It is also decorated with flower lamps in shimmering candlelight,... All of that, you should see as a hearty wedding gift that Continental Saigon can prepare to thank customers.
Continental Saigon also understands that:"Buffalo, getting married, making a house, in these three things is hard to change" "Buffalo" and "house-making" are inherently two things that are not simple that each of us must try. And not everyone has time to complete all three important things perfectly. What better way if you agree to let Continetal Saigon accompany you at the wedding party, be with you to do the third hard work of life. Come with us to spread the joy of couples, so that the centenn year happiness is marked by unforgettable memories at Continental Saigon Hotel.
Continental Saigon hotel currently has 3 main halls used for wedding reception, including: Bamboo Hall, Continental Palace, and Continental Patio. Depending on the number of guests, you can choose the appropriate wedding hall.
With a capacity of 500 guests
This is the most selected wedding hall with spacious space close to nature and ancient porcelain trees over 135 years old. Continental Patio is considered a very special lobby that attracts most of the most difficult customers.

Capacity: more than 200 people
Bamboo Hall's special feature is a throughout with many entrances to the hotel, garden, and stage doors extremely convenient for decorating, arranging before the party as well as performing arts.

With a capacity of 300 guests, the Continental Palace Hall features ancient French architecture including pillars and ornate ceilings and crystal chandeliers that are sure to bring a sense of luxury to the weddings held here. In addition, the lobby also has a southwest direction through Dong Street starting northeast next to the hotel garden as well as the lobby of the hotel is very convenient for picking up guests.


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